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Growing Young Minds.

CRESCO is a Latin word that means "GROW". We are located in Brackenhurst and offer a spacious, safe, nurturing and positive learning environment for each child to grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally from 3 months old to Grade R. We offer aftercare for Gr 1 to 7 and a special needs facility.



Why is CRESCO right for your child?

Cresco Preschool & Aftercare is a home away from home, with a family-oriented atmosphere that caters to all children. Our unique school facility caters to every child’s individual needs by ensuring a safe, happy, loving, and inclusive learning environment.

Child-centred environment

Cresco has modern, safe, educational equipment and a home-away-from-home feel. We are a family-oriented school that treats every learner as our own within a relaxed, fun, and secure environment. Our classes, play areas, and curriculum ensure the finest education and optimal learning.

Small classes

Our classes offer a modern yet homely environment that ensures all our learners feel safe and at ease. At Cresco, we strive to give individual attention to each learner to maintain and ensure holistic development. The teachers plan lessons with the principal and follow an age-appropriate daily routine.

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Health and safety

We are contracted to CPS with emergency and medical alert buttons around the school. Cresco has a strict access control policy. Supposing a family member/friend will be collecting your child, the school must be informed immediately. This includes a copy of the person’s ID, car registration, car make and model and colour. Upon collection, they will be asked to fill in a form.

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COVID-19 protocols

We clean and sanitise the school daily. Once a month SASAC (South African Sanitation Accreditation Council) come in to sanitize the school. In line with Covid-19 protocols, the area of each class, including furniture and equipment, is immediately cleaned and sterilised after use. The completion of a daily register ensures the health and safety of all our learners, staff and families.

Holistic curriculum

Cresco's curriculum was designed with the needs of our learners in mind and ensuring holistic development. We strive to broaden our curriculum's perspective to enhance and develop each learner's potential and to guarantee the best education. Cresco is a play-based, hands-on school that believes in learning through play and that each child develops at their own pace. Everyone is unique!

Healthy meals

Not only do we believe in the best education, but we also strive to maintain and give the best nutrition to our learners. Healthy bodies, healthy minds is our motto. Cresco caters for various dietary needs and requirements such as Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and learners with any allergies.

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Special needs

Cresco has recently launched its special needs sector as the need for a school to cater for children with special needs from preschool age has increased. We cater for the following: ADHD/ADD, Asperger's, Tourette syndrome, Down syndrome, autism, speech and hearing impediments, anxiety and stress disorders, and cerebral palsy. Our special needs teachers are highly qualified with years of experience.

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Our Wish 

To leave a mark of a happy, fun, educational childhood that will inspire your little one to achieve everything they put their mind to.



Children ages three months to Grade R.

Our emphasis is on developing happy and confident learners at the appropriate pace for each child to ensure they have a solid foundation to grow into well-adjusted individuals allowing them to move towards personal growth. CRESCO caters for children between 3 months to 6 years old, and we offer an Aftercare facility for learners from Grade 1-7.

Baby Centre

Our babies are kept busy through a variety of stimulating activities throughout the day. We work closely with the parents of our babies to ensure that our babies are well-adjusted and happy little people. At this age, emotional, social and motor stimulation are key focus.

Age Group: 3 to 12 Months

Class Size: 8 children, each with their own cot.

Cresco Crawlers

At this stage, our little ones really enjoy exploring their environments. Our Cresco Crawlers begin to learn to share and develop their social and motor skills within the classrooms and playgrounds. We ensure that our children are stimulated with age appropriate activities, equipment and messy play to aid in their development, with construction activities such as blocks, riding equipment, educational toys, interactive stories and play dough modelling.


Age Group: 12 to 24 months

Class Size: 15 Children

Training Tots

We encourage language and interaction during this stage and provide ample opportunity for the ongoing development of  gross and fine motor skills. A well-designed daily programme is followed, ensuring that daily routines are structured and fun.



Age Group: 2 to 3 years

Class Size: 15 Children

Grade 000

Whilst the level of challenge and expectation increases in our Grade 000 class, we continue to place emphasis on the important development of social skills. Our little ones begin to play socially and we encourage creativity and fantasy play to further develop the imaginations, language and creativity of this rapidly developing age group.  Our learners follow the Birth to Four Curriculum of the Gauteng Province and the ECDI (Early Childhood Development Institute).

Age Group: 3 to 4 years

Class Size: 15 Children

Grade 00

During this phase, independence and self-confidence are reinforced. Teachers take a holistic look at all areas of development to identify specific strengths and weaknesses that learners may have. Teachers will then work closely with parents if any early intervention is necessary.


Age Group: 4 to 5 years

Class Size: 15 Children

Grade R

During this phase the learners are introduced to a more formal learning environment. Learners are assessed each term and ongoing feedback is provided to parents throughout the year. Our Grade R learners follow the CAPS Curriculum (National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) in preparation for ‘big school’. All our teachers are fully trained and complete in-service training on an annual basis.


Age Group: 5 to 6 years

Class Size: 15 Children

The aim of education is growth.
The aim of growth is more growth.

- John Dewey

Best Pre-school to send your kids. Zantelle (Principal) is very cooperative in any circumstance and always offers to help out in any way possible. Limited kids in a class involve getting your child the best individual attention. During the COVID19 pandemic, the school put safety measures in place and has also considered the understanding of my situation. Staff are always pleasant to deal with. Great Recommendation!

Trishia Ramautar